[hackerspaces] Need help with stickers in the USA

john lunger justj1915 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 17 00:49:49 CEST 2013

We have a booth at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire this Sunday. 
I finally found a graphic designer and had him make a logo and had to confer with other board members and make changes to the Logo--for some reason this all took about 2 weeks. I thought I had plenty of time to submit it to Sticker Giant (a company recommended by Mitch Altman) as their website said 24 hours to make stickers. Well they lie about that by the way for anyone else planning to use them and need it rushed. They said there is no way they can get the Logo stickers and sent by Saturday. I even asked about priority mail or something and they said I would have to pay $90 and still no guarantee by Saturday. 

Any suggestions? 

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