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Tue Mar 19 18:41:20 CET 2013

Greetings from Freeside Atlanta!

This topic is very US-centric, so apologies in advance to our international

I'm interested to learn more about what other US hackerspaces have
experienced with obtaining US government or foundation grants and other
sources of funding.  My research into the subject has turned up very little.

I see a lot of controversy over hackerspaces accepting DARPA funding, but I
don't see any articles about individuals or hackerspaces demonstrating or
blogging about the products of such work.  I can't tell if this is because
the hackerspaces or individuals are under NDA, or if this implies that
DARPA funding just isn't happening.

There's only been a handful of discussions about DARPA on grants on this
mailing list, in the archives - which don't give me much to go on.

I've also read that some hackerspaces have gotten grants or equipment
donations from businesses like Adafruit, but information about such a
program or how to qualify/apply is nowhere to be found on the Adafruit

- What kind of grants has your hackerspace applied for?
- Any success stories?
- Did you have to hire or work with a grant writer or other organization
for assistance?
- More importantly, was the effort ultimately worth it, or is time better
spent seeking out local sources of funding (generous members or local

I'm not so much interested in a debate about the merits of accepting money
from certain sources - I'm at this juncture only interested to find out if
anyone has actual experience in funding their hackerspace from outside
sources like these.
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