[hackerspaces] Any hackerspaces selling electronics to the public?

Jan Lieven jan at das-labor.org
Tue Mar 19 18:02:53 CET 2013

On Tue, 19 Mar 2013 11:34:46 -0500
Phillip Broussard <phillip at squidfoo.com> wrote:

> We are considering selling some of the more popular kits and parts to
> the public out of our hackerspace. I would like to know if anyone
> else does this and how successful they have been. The closest thing
> to competition would be Radio Shack or driving 3 hours to the next
> largest city.
> Phil

We at das Labor[1] are selling our more popular kits, which are just
listed in our wiki[2] (German). The observations we made are:
 1) New kits are being sold rapidly until the market is
    saturated. (As in: Everyone who knows about it and wants it has
 2) The more expensive kits need promotional material. (Videos,
 3) Thinking that selling pcbs or complete kits will generate enough
    revenue to cover the rent is an illusion.

best regards,

[1] https://das-labor.org
[2] https://das-labor.org/wiki/Baus%C3%A4tze
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