[hackerspaces] Vote to Get Us Money So We Can Teach Kids Cool Stuff

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Wed Jun 12 05:14:09 CEST 2013

All -

We submitted a proposal to the Project:Connect Summer Youth Programming
project -  Project:Connect promotes connected learning and a more
equitable, social and participatory web.  We want to help kids learn how to
be responsible *Minecraft *citizens, and make and share 3D designs on *
Thingiverse*, and how to build animations and games with *Scratch*.  You
can be a part of that by checking out and *VOTING FOR our entry here:*


More details of the overall program can be found at:


If you want to see Sector67 presenting great free summer workshops this
summer GO VOTE RIGHT NOW and SPREAD THE WORD!  *Voting ends **June 15th.*

We're currently in 4th place overall (with 78 votes), and as far as I was
able to tell in a brief look through the projects we're the *only*
hackerspace on the list, so help us out :-)  Looks like 1 vote per IP (per
day?)  If you have any feedback/comments/questions/thoughts let me know.

Thank you,


Chris Meyer


2100 Winnebago St
Madison, WI  53704
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