[hackerspaces] Firearms in Hackerspaces?

Pavol Luptak wilder at trip.sk
Thu Jan 17 00:18:59 CET 2013

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 03:12:30PM -0800, Jake wrote:
> you seem to propose that multiple sources of bullets would make
> everyone safer, or that if the situation hasn't progressed to
> shooting yet, the "gun wielding ass-hat" would be more easily
> escorted off the property by armed hackers (as opposed to law
> enforcement or unarmed hackers).

I agree with you (logically if we have totally 10 guns in the world, there 
will be less gun-murders than in the situation when we have millions of guns).

On the other hand, many guns (and other killing tools) is just a result of
our technical evolution and this cannot be reversed back (atomic bomb 
unfortunately cannot be 'uninvented').

I really would wish a society without any weapons/guns, but this is just an 

I think the problem of gun-control is that it is 'centrally forced' by
the government that decides who can own guns (police + army) and who cannot.
(massive gun-control was used by Hitler and Lenin to gain the state domination
over their citizens).

So I would really appreciate (if it is possible) to have a decentralized 
gun-control (= to take guns also from the bad government and bad people).
But have no idea how to achieve it.

I don't like guns and wish no one would have it, but if I want to be ethically
consistent, rational and live in a non-coercion society (I am voluntary-ist),
I simply need to accept fact that everybody has a right to have a gun to
defend himself.

> the NRA and gun nuts like those who suggest every school should have
> an armed guard (some say every classroom) say that more guns == more
> safe. Those people include Nancy Lanza (mother of the Newtown
> schooter and his first victim) and Keith Ratliff (found shot in his
> office) and countless parents whose children found their guns and
> killed themselves or others.

Personally in the US I don't see problems in guns, but in psychological
healthiness of the society (don't take it personally, I have a huge number of 
american friends :)

In Switzerland almost every adult has a gun and there are almost none 

I think US citizens should improve their psychological healthiness, 
be more happy, less depressive, etc.

I see a corellation between the number of people that need psychoterapists
and number of prisoned people and number of gun-murdered people.
Unfortunately in the US there is the highest concentration of prisoners
in the world (more than was in Stalin's gulags) and this is definitely not
a healthy society...

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