[hackerspaces] Firearms in Hackerspaces?

Al Billings albill at openbuddha.com
Mon Jan 14 22:41:41 CET 2013

On Monday, January 14, 2013 at 1:30 PM, Phillip Rhodes wrote:

> You must have missed the part where I said I rarely carry at all, and
> have never carried my pistol to my hackerspace.

Well, that's a relief. 
> But, also the part where I explained that we are in a neighborhood
> that can be a bit dodgy at times, and that it can be somewhat fear
> inducing to leave the space alone in the early morning hours. 

Yeah and my space is in an industrial part of Oakland and I don't carry a gun there so I don't really buy that you need one.
> And I, for one, would prefer to retain at least the *option* to
> come packing on occasion, especially the occasions when I know I'll be
> at the space until 3:00am and will probably be the last one to leave.

Enjoy your paranoia. Me? I just look up and down the street and pay attention.
> Whether I ever invoke that option or not remains to be seen, but why
> should I surrender
> my right to defend myself? Especially when no one in this thread yet
> has provided *any*
> rationale whatsoever for why guns *should* be prohibited from hackerspaces.

Because only whack jobs (outside of cops or LEOs) need to walk around with guns in the big bad cities to feel safe and I don't need to be around folks like that and will vocally do my best to exclude them?
> So I'll ask again.. what exactly is it you're worried about, and why?

People like you carrying unnecessary guns to "protect themselves" who may then wind up sending a bullet my way. I get to deal with that enough from street thugs. I don't need the friendly fire and I doubt most hackerspaces do.
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