[hackerspaces] Firearms in Hackerspaces?

Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Mon Jan 14 21:57:05 CET 2013

>> The question of why to have a fire arm in the space spans many issues.
>>  As raised before some folks are required to carry a fire arm as part
>> of their professional life.  That should not by itself immediately
>> disenfranchise them in a community.
> If they need them for work, they can use them for work. A member of the
> armed forces is not going to be visiting a hackerspace while on duty. If a
> cop is visiting a space while on duty you have much larger problems than
> whether you are going to allow guns in.

Many police officers are required to carry fire arms even when off duty.

>> Some folks enjoy fire arms as a hobby.  Either in target shooting, or
>> in hunting, or conceivably simply as an academic pursuit.  These folks
>> would find the tools of a hackerspace useful to extend their hobby.
>> And I suppose that could breed some conflict in a community as
>> passions run high when discussing this issue.  Each space will know
>> how to address that themselves.  I love the idea of requiring people
>> working on fire arms to leave any ammunition at home.  There are also
>> regional laws to take into consideration.
> There are already open-access gun workshops where you can lathe your new
> barrel or whatever.

Are they not hackerspaces?  I'd consider them to be.

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