[hackerspaces] MyHackerspace status Android app

Ward De Ridder 42 at warddr.eu
Sun Jan 6 22:52:04 CET 2013

At voidwarranties we have a solution for that problem,
we connected some lights with the same switch as a we-are-open access 
point (just a wireless accesspoint with it's own IP, if it gets power we 
can ping it and we know we are open), so if you lock the space and all 
the lights are off the "we-are-open" switch is also off. If not you will 
notice that the lights are still on when you lock the space. This way 
you can not forget to turn if off.

We do announce that we are open to the public, we even send out an email 
to our announce mailinglist telling the hackerspace is open, we change 
the logo of our wiki to open, and publish it on IRC and the spaceAPI.


On 01/03/2013 04:31 PM, David Powell wrote:
> I was thinking that the switch would never get used or someone would 
> leave it on.

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