[hackerspaces] CourseOrganizationPlatform - PreAlpha

urban urban at xiala.net
Sun Aug 25 17:03:34 CEST 2013

Hi there!

We (me and some friends here in Zurich and Bern) are working on a
course-organisation-platform, mainly for us and regions and hackerspaces
we know. Actually it could be used by lot more people. (I mean,
everywhere I go... There must be so many workshops around the globe
being organized. why not having a adequate tool for this)

Here is a short introduction to the idea:
It is a web-platform to propose, discuss, organize, realize and document
(offline-)courses, workshops, discussion-groups etc.
Once a course is proposed or described, people can discuss and subscribe
as "interested", "host", "mentor", "organizer" etc. There are
room-lists, categories, tags and a calendar. Each course has poll-tools,
a discussion-board, documentation layer etc. Everything is split into
regions, so that you see the things being organized in your area.

The programming language we use is Meteor.js
(node.js, NoSQL, MongoDB and stuff..)
We do it open-source, noncommercial and no-budget.
The sate is pre-alpha. a lot works already, but there is still a lot of
things we have to work on.

Everybody is cordially invited to use, spread the idea, collaborate,
give inputs/criticism etc.

Check out the running code here: http://hmmm.schuel.ch
A pretty good description of our concept: http://news.schuel.ch
And the source-code: https://github.com/schuel/hmmm (feel free to fork
and play around)

All the best!

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