[hackerspaces] Open source sitcom about hackerspaces?

Simon Clark simon at zebraspot.com
Sun Aug 25 20:32:33 CEST 2013

OK, so this may be a dumb idea (most of mine are) but it occurred to me this morning that sooner or later, after the networks have exhausted all the crappy ideas about talking animals and unconventional family structures, someone's going to make a sitcom about life in a hackerspace.

That got me to thinking, any show about hackerspaces, by all rights, should be open source / crowd sourced, ideally written by the maker community.  It should start with a list of hackerspace archetypes, projects that have the potential to go hilariously wrong, member interactions that still have us shaking our heads, stuff like that.

Whaddaya think? Could we pull something compelling together as a group? Get Geek and Sundry, or some other group interested?

Somewhere to stick ideas if you have 'em : http://is.gd/t7RX8k

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