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James Broyles james.broyles8 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 03:15:43 CEST 2013

This is just one person talking here, but to me a global resource like the
hackerspace website shouldn't have a goal of hacking for others, it should
primarily have a goal of showing others how to hack. This "host a how-to
class on building fishing rods" concept can continue to be pulled off with
things like better areas for each hackerspace to moderate on their own,
educational resources that all hackerspaces can share, lists of resources
and alternative resources, more thorough and exhaustive guides on different
ways of being a 'space whether its a hackerspace or a makerspace or a
dorkbot or "whateva you is" (-Howard the Duck), and generally just a
neutral resource of library science. I can see usefulness in different
entities coming forward to offer things like insurance benefits and legal
protection/assistance and etc, but I question going that full route for the
hackerspace website or trying to fit all spaces into one thing. Too much
in-fighting to get everyone to agree as can be seen just in this thread.
There's some great ideas, but honestly some of them should probably be
attempted as something else that benefit spaces with those specific
purposes and needs. Maybe a better sister space program would help, where
larger spaces help smaller spaces around the world. It's hard to pin down a
space. It's more a spirit, and each space iterates that spirit differently.
I say expand the usefulness of the site, give spaces more control over
their pages with more functions for each space, etc. Implement CMS
functions and whatever else would be handy, but keep the politics to local
spaces that don't need to be micromanaged on such. This also avoids such a
can of worms and would let the site focus on just being useful primarily as
a reference resource.
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