[hackerspaces] Next steps -

Sean Bonner sean at seanbonner.com
Sun Apr 14 17:12:36 CEST 2013

The way I see it we have two choices at this point.

1. We decide to work together - which involves admitting that none of us
knows the perfect answer - and come up with a solution that most think will
work (I'm aware there is no way to ever make everyone happy) and try to
create a resource that is valuable to people interested in starting
hackerspaces as well as valuable to people already involved with them.


2. We continue being snarky and bashing/insulting each other.

I'm cool with either option. While I think there's massive potential for a
shared resource and I point people to the hackerspace patterns all the
time, my hackerspaces won't live or die based on anything that happens on
hackerspaces.org, one of the benefits of a decentralized system such as
this. And I have over 9000 hours of trolling experience so I can just sit
around laughing in everyones faces too. Either way.

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