[hackerspaces] Idea: things.hackerspaces.org now that Thingiverse is not ok anymore

Daniel Harmsworth atrophy at caffeinator.net
Sun Sep 23 18:49:46 CEST 2012

There's a member at the Artifactory that has build a CouchDB based
distributed thingiverse-like system with distributed rendering, gcode
simulation and other cool stuff (basically for his own internal use), In
light of recent developments I have suggested that we install a publicly
accessible version of it on the Artifactory servers. Will report back when
we have it up for experimentation, there is a fairly limited UI at the

On 24 September 2012 00:35, Walter van Holst <walter at revspace.nl> wrote:

> On 2012-09-23 18:01, Sparr wrote:
>  Has anyone gotten an actual lawyer's opinion of the new TOS?
> As mentioned in my blog post, I am a lawyer. Not an attorney, mind you and
> not practicing in the USA either.
>  I do not
>> see that the new language is significantly different from the old
>> language. The new TOS doesn't say they can use your designs to make
>> new closed source hardware, they are still only allowed to use it to
>> display it on their website.
> No, it literally talks about "incorporate into other works, and otherwise
> use your User Content", per section 3.2 of the Terms of Use. As already
> quoted in my blog post. You could argue that the last bit of that sentence
> "solely for the purposes of including your User Content in the Site and
> Services" applies further than the sublicensing bit, but to me it reads
> rather ambiguously and I wouldn't feel safe to say it applies any further
> than the grant to sublicense. Not to say that the old terms weren't
> ambiguous either, but since they limited themselves to derivative works, it
> made life much easier because that is specifically a copyright term. On top
> of that the assertion about transmission and display in the old version
> read much broader.
> And yes, natural languages are a pain, ambiguity-wise. But we have to make
> do with them.
> Regards,
>  Walter
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