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ITechGeek itg at itechgeek.com
Tue Oct 16 08:07:33 CEST 2012

HacDC uses both, WordPress for our main site (Formerly a Drupal site)
and also have a wiki site as a sub-domain.

WordPress has events systems of it's own (so far I haven't worked w/
one I like), or if you currently use a Google Calendar you can embed
one of those into WordPress & Google provides code for embedding into
a website (I think it provides code that if you set-up your site
properly, fits in quite nicely).  And you can share out the Google
Calendar and it's easy to manage.

Since HacDC uses meet-up to coordinate events, we have a plugin that
integrates meet-up events into our site.

WordPress also has modules for posting directly to a number of social
networks (although for my personal blog I use a Facebook app to pull
the RSS feed for my blog and post them to Facebook).  A service like
Twitterfeed can pull the RSS feed and post to both Twitter & Facebook
(I use that to post things I like from Google Reader via RSS to
Twitter & Facebook).

Frantisek is right about sometimes a WordPress site can be a pain to
keep up to date (although I know a few people who set the main page of
their site as a "static" page and maintain WordPress mostly for the
ease of updating that page which having a somewhat static page can
also be done nicely in a Wiki).

I think most Hackerspaces tend to prefer having a wiki above all else,
so if you don't have the option for sub-domains (or don't want to
maintain two websites), I would say go w/ the wiki as your main site.

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 1:32 AM, Frantisek Apfelbeck <algoldor at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Just a quick one. Are you really sure that the WordPress will suit you best?
> I'm no expert on the topic at all but I have seen two of the hackerspaces
> which I was involved with lately getting rid off their WordPress format,
> mostly because of the amount of time which had to be dedicated to the upkeep
> so things looked kind of up to date + the length of the posts. So I was just
> wondering because generally the wiki pages are quite favoured by
> hackerspaces ...
> Best of luck, I have copied friend who is very good in WordPress as BCC so I
> hope he may give you some tips ...
> Sincerely,
> Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck
> PS For me both WordPress and Wiki works good I think it is great to have a
> combination - if you want to report on some cool event for example,
> WordPress seems great, for day to day activities, continuous evolving
> project Wiki seems like the way ...
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> Subject: [hackerspaces] Fwd: webpage infra
> Hi,
> Here at Tokyo Hackerspace, we're trying to improve our out-of-date
> website. We're going to migrate to a WordPress installation.
> Thing is, I'm not a site manager, so even though I'd like to help,
> it's relegated to the day-to-day work.
> Can anyone recommend a couple good plugins for a default WP install
> that would help the business of a hackerspace?
> Particularly useful would be an easily-integratable calendar (our
> current one only provides one month of data in its RSS) and perhaps
> something that makes account management easier.
> Thanks,
> --
> --Richard Frankum
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