[hackerspaces] Sticker exchange based out of Europe?

Ward De Ridder 42 at warddr.eu
Thu Nov 15 04:34:45 CET 2012

Hello all,

I've seen there have been some sticker exchanges, but they have all 
collected stickers in the US.
For european hackerspaces it is more expensive to mail to USA, and they 
have to pay more for the return shipping.

That's why I was thinking about setting up a sticker swap based out of 
Prices will be:
€6 for shipping to europe, and €7,2 for international (or a 10 dollar 
bill mailed together with the stickers). That's up to 350gr, so about 
200 stickers.
I can also make smaller packages for €3 to Europe and €3,5 to 
international (or a 5 dollar bill). That are about 60 stickers.
(those are the prices the post office charges me, this is non-profit)

Are there hackerspaces interested?
You can leave the name of your hackerspace here if you are interested:

If a couple of hackerspaces are interested I will organize this, and 
give you more information about where to ship the stickers to.


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