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Jeff Myer jmyer at cthackerspace.com
Mon Nov 5 21:40:22 CET 2012

I hadn't really thought about the possibility that this would practically
encourage people to leave community tools with their projects when they put
away their "work surface" but I think that it is a valid point. With regard
to needing sides, I think that this absolutely is true as well however I
don't think that needing sides is a deal breaker. I can envision the work
surface as having 3 "sides" during use with a 4th side that slides in place
on the front of the surface before putting it away. The height of the sides
could also be a visual reminder of the height requirement for fitting into
the rack/storage shelf.

One of the real motivations for noodling out this solution was the fact
that I wanted something that would allow for work in process to be left
essentially in a "ready to continue" when it is put away. If I am in the
middle of working on something and need to put it in a rubbermaid or
similar container for storage I can assure you that I will knock off a
wire, displace a connector, or cause some other problem that will cost me
time when I go back to the project.  I believe that there is significant
productivity to be gained by the continuity that a system like this will
provide in workflow as well as the psychological impact of being able to
pick up exactly where you leave off.

I will not say that this is the ultimate solution but I really would love
to find something that allows projects of a certain, reasonable, work
envelope to be left in a "Ready to continue" state while in storage. If
others are interested, I would love to collaborate on refining this
solution on list or through some other collaborative means.
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