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Kan . kan at uddf.net
Mon Nov 5 18:01:12 CET 2012

shelves!  we managed to get  free library shelving when the university
closed their library and went to a warehouse model off site (ya wtf?)

pictures are from our recent move so most haven't moved their things into
place as of yet for these pics..

room with member shelving:

Every full paid up member gets one shelf unit to store things on with their
name on it.  (and like makers local 256, blue painters tape slowly being
swapped out for nicely printed ones)

members are welcome to create mini shelving units on their shelves to
divided it up.

we have not yet created any sort of a system to negotiate for extra space
in the warehouse for larger projects.. so far its been 'leave a note make
sure its being worked on often so nobody complains' sort of a system, but
id like to eventually have something  designated for large projects
that don't fit on member shelves to be borrowed from the space on demand
and booked, part of our larger wooden shelving units. ie one member was
working on a rather large chocolate printer that took up 1/5th of a common
work bench but at least he had it fully labelled with blue painters tape.

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Pete Prodoehl <raster at gmail.com> wrote:

> Over at Milwaukee Makerspace we've been having a discussion about member
> storage solutions... where to keep your "personal" stuff you leave at the
> hackerspace, which may be projects in progress, or tools, or miscellaneous
> parts, bits, widgets, etc.
> We have some pallet storage, and some file cabinets, and some lockers, and
> those are all just out of convenience since we scavenged most of it, but
> with a move to a new building coming, one member suggested portable rolling
> carts, which could also be used as a work surface (possibly locking them
> together for a larger work surface) and now we're discussing the finer
> points of carts.
> What do other spaces do for storage? Bins? Shelves? Lockers? Rolling
> Transformer Carts, Hover Carts that can float to the ceiling?
> Pete
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