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Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Fri May 11 07:50:35 CEST 2012

Better make it black tie.
On May 10, 2012 10:46 PM, "Volatile Compound" <volatilecompound at gmail.com>

> In the spirit of completing hackery-related projects before conferences,
> Nullspace Labs will be having its first annual party to celebrate the many
> things it will be bringing to Defcon!  And what better place to do that
> than on a Los Angeles Metro bus in what will almost certainly be 110-degree
> Fahrenheit Summer heat?  Pro-tip: there is no better place!
> The plan:
> Amass at 5152 Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood on Saturday, July
> 7th at noon.  You will know that this is the place by the giant banner over
> the door that proudly proclaims, "INTERNET!"  We'll get good and
> liquored-up here (BYOB or ask the proprietor for some; it's all the same),
> then commence our indulgence in the phantasmagoria of travel to exotic
> locations.
> Just before 2pm, we will cross the street in an orderly and respectful
> fashion to the Metro bus stop just south of Magnolia on Lankershim.  At
> 2.14pm the #183 bus shall be boarded, and, in the luxurious manner only
> afforded by travel on Los Angeles' mass transit systems, ridden right the
> way into Beautiful Downtown Burbank where we shall disembark at Verdugo and
> 3rd streets, arriving approximately 18 minutes after departure.
> At this point we shall enjoy a brief open-air interlude, during which time
> all the aesthetic amenities the locality has to offer shall be taken in.
>  These include (but are not limited to) concrete, traffic, and heat.  It's
> also where we shall consume more alcohol whilst we wait for the #94 bus to
> Downtown Los Angeles.  It is anticipated that this masterful conveyance
> shall depart our location at 2.50pm, whisking the intrepid traveller to the
> neo-futuristic environs of Downtown Los Angeles.  Note that as this event
> is scheduled for July, it *will* be the future, dammit.
> Imagine if you will the world as it will be at approximately 3.41pm on
> Saturday, the seventh of July, 2012.  Now imagine it as you alight,
> inebriated, from the Chariot Of The Gods at the corner of Hill and Olympic
> streets in Downtown Los Angeles.  The door opens and air-conditioning gives
> way to the urban blast furnace that is the Southland, gently wafting the
> blended aroma of sweat, travail, taco trucks, indeterminate pavement
> stains, and hookers to your nostrils. Your transsexual bus driver
> (direction of conversion unknown yet oddly-intriguing) bids you adieu, and
> you proceed to the technological wonderland that is Nullspace Labs.
> Note that this is not a free event: you will need to bring the
> not-inconsiderable sum of $3 with you for bus fare.  Exact change in U.S.
> funds is required, and at present the public transportation infrastructure
> in our fair megalopolis is not equipped to accept payment in Bitcoin.
> - skroo.
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