[hackerspaces] Speaking at the Future<DEVOXX> Conference Track

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Tue Jun 12 20:24:27 CEST 2012

Hello all,

the DEVOXX conference in Belgium is currently looking for speakers for a
new track dedicated to topics like real-time ICT, robots, drones,
Arduino, Kinects and gesture control, Raspberry PI, Smart Technologies
of any kind, 3D printing and display technologies and much more.

With over 3300 attendees in 2011 from over 40 countries, the DEVOXX is
the biggest vendor-independent Java conference in the world. The 5 day
conference will be held in Belgium in its 11th edition from 12th-16th of
November 2012.

In this new track, called Future<DEVOXX>, we would like to speak about
technologies that are now what the C64 was 30 years ago, but also about
what's outside of the "business as usual" of the classic (Java)
developer. A link to Java is nice but not mandatory.

If you like to know more, please have a look at our page
http://future.devoxx.com. You can even get a first-hand introduction by
our technologist in chief, our NAO robot :)

And some links concerning the DEVOXX:
DEVOXX Facts:  http://future.devoxx.com/?page_id=79

Thank you and Cheers!

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