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For those who didn't know, they opened HOPE pre-reg today.

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This is a reminder to let you know that we've opened up preregistration
for HOPE Number Nine. We're now offering tickets for nearly 20 percent off
the door price. You can go to http://store.2600.com/hopenumbernine.html to
preregister. Tickets will be emailed to you starting later this month.

Further details on the conference will be posted at our official website
which is http://www.hopenumbernine.net - announcements will also be posted
on this list. We will be opening up speaker submissions in the days ahead
and there will be numerous opportunities to get involved if you want to
play a part in organizing this fun event.

Also, to add to the fun, we will be releasing online video of our third
conference - H2K - which took place back in 2000. Videos will be released
hour by hour starting at 10 am ET Friday morning and running into Sunday
evening. You'll be able to find them at http://store.2600.com/h2kdvds.html
throughout the weekend.

HOPE Number Nine will be taking place from July 13th to July 15th, 2012.
We hope to see you there!

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