[hackerspaces] HOPE Pre-registration Now Open!

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 14 00:26:57 CET 2012

Pre-registration for the HOPE #9 conference is now officially open!



The initial discounted tickets for HOPE #9 sold out within minutes.  This is the last chance to get pre-registration tickets for HOPE #9 at a discount.  For a limited time pre-registration will be nearly 20% off the door price!





HOPE #9 will be taking place July 13th through 15th, in New York City, at the historic Hotel Pennsylvania.



There will be talks and workshops and presentations and art and music and film and lots of fun events throughout HOPE #9, all day, all night.  Topics range from security to society to electronics to art to politics to science to hacking of all sorts.  Some of the brightest people in their fields will be present.  You are welcome to be amongst them to learn and share.


There will also be a huge Hackerspace Village, where hackerspaces from around the world are invited to show and share cool projects.





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