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Wouldn’t that be basically a documentary, and not reality tv?

It is interesting, most of the people around hacker/makerspaces say they don’t have tv’s, don’t watch tv etc, but then complain when there is nothing on they want to watch. like dale being bumped off cnn by whitney.

we get a lot of people asking us to go on various shows, film/tv projects but we turn them all away, most of them will just be appealing to the LCD, you’ll never out-do them since they have full control of the edit/final cut and the people who make the final decisions on what direction the show will take couldn’t care less about how stupid it makes people look, that is what currently sells.

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"Proper Television is developing a new series about Makers"... 

Interesting. A couple of my local makers (Garrett Lisi and Reichart von Wolfsheild) recently had a show (Invention USA) on History Channel.
It was a rather trying experience for them. The RealityTV people want controversy, angst, humor and action - real or contrived. And a lot of it was contrived by the script writers.

I hope Proper Television does a proper job of documenting and not trying to overly glamorize or create controversy and questionable humor.

Jerry Isdale

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