[hackerspaces] club mate recipes - not open source right?

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Thu Dec 6 14:38:02 CET 2012

On 2012-12-05 18:24, Moritz Bartl wrote:
> On 05.12.2012 11:48, Frantisek Apfelbeck wrote:
>> # However one contradiction still remains, Club-Mate officials
>> are not willing to share their recepies which is, at least for
>> some of the hackers, hard to accept based on the predominant open
>> source culture paradigm and growing DIY bio culture
>> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIY_bio>,
> Yes, this is still true and will likely always be true. The brewery
> is a pretty standard brewery and not much connected to the "hacker"
> scene.

yes and although they portray themselves as smallscale, they go
wherever the money is (personal experience as importer)

> They've changed recipe couple of times, every time adding more
> sugar and less mate to make it appeal to a broader range of
> customers. It developed into a "club scene" drink over time, the
> "hacker" scene has since moved on to Flora Power or Leet Mate,
> closer to the original recipe. I like them both a lot more (my
> favorite being Flora).

They actually started out in the clubbing scene, and focus on the
'alternative' scene like squatters, activists and hackers.

That said, I think that's mainly marketing...

The main recipe has been however fairly stable, due to the inability
of changing the recipe they started with ice-t. flavour-wise I prefer



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