[hackerspaces] How do you do accounting, membership, access, etc?

David Raison david at hackerspace.lu
Thu Aug 9 14:08:35 CEST 2012

On 2012-08-09 13:31, James Arthur wrote:
> I would love to see a custom app.

I just added the tool that we programmed and use at syn2cat to the 
hackerspaces.org wiki page mentioned earlier.
It's based on pylons, does membership management, payments, email 
accounts and aliases and all that integrating with LDAP, Radius, etc. 
(so kind of seamless as well).

And it's free software.

book and stock management is a different story for us... we haven't 
really done any progress on that and people seem to be very reluctant to 
use ready-made software.


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