[hackerspaces] How do you do accounting, membership, access, etc?

James Arthur iam at jamesarthur.info
Thu Aug 9 13:31:51 CEST 2012

I would love to see a custom app.

I'm building up our org (cemmi.org) using a Joomla and some off the shelf
extensions (with a few simple tweaks here and there).

our equipment loan.
nBill <http://www.nbill.co.uk/> for our recurring membership
and bookkeeping.

What's great about this on my end is its all integrated into our front end
website, so users have a seamless experience, and the membership manger
adds and removes their user privileges automatically.

Good Luck!

On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 2:55 AM, Will Bradley <bradley.will at gmail.com> wrote:

> Can you open up the G+ event so I can rsvp / add to my calendar?
> On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 11:38 PM, James Carlson <james at schoolfactory.org>wrote:
>> Space Federation is hosting a hackathon to continue work on the ultimate
>> system we all imagine (OSS, OSH) and it looks like these existing efforts
>> might move it forward.
>> We started in April with an unconference to develop requirements and now
>> 12-aug is a hackathon to build.
>> http://bit.ly/doorhacks for the G+ event
>> http://atrium.schoolfactory.org/spacefed/accesshacks to get background
>> and see what we came up with in April.
>> Hope you can join us! We are hosting a 3d printing meetup same day (at
>> Bucketworks in Milwaukee, which has a system similar to i3 as described) so
>> it should be a fun day!
>> A lot of new and growing spaces could really use a kit like this.
>> On Thursday, August 9, 2012, Will Bradley wrote:
>>> Hello from HeatSync Labs!
>>> Dues payments come in through PayPal, recurring checks, and to a lesser
>>> extent Dwolla and cash/Square. We strongly encourage recurring payments.
>>> Money is tracked by the Treasurer (a human) who records things in
>>> QuickBooks; we also have a CPA.
>>> Our delinquency reports are severely lacking and I'm in the process of
>>> auditing for the first time in months.
>>> New members are sent an email with links and given an in-person
>>> training; our website and its link to Google Groups is emphasized
>>> repeatedly.
>>> Members don't automatically get card access, but when they do they are
>>> manually added to the RFID door lock system (23b's Open Access Control) via
>>> SSH/serial.
>>> Login credentials for Mediawiki are available freely now that we
>>> installed security question plugins, and our Wordpress blog has been
>>> relatively lacking in participation but we have given out logins.
>>> ----------
>>> I agree there is a need for The Ultimate Hackerspace Software however
>>> our own effort has stalled (https://github.com/hackerspacemanagement/)
>>> -- the objectives you mentioned are on my todo list. I've got an incredibly
>>> hackish version of the OAC software which is network-enabled as a first
>>> step towards synchronizing.(
>>> https://github.com/zyphlar/Open_Access_Control_Ethernet) We also have
>>> written Ruby serial code to give a basic locking/unlocking/status API to
>>> the space since we use maglocks. (
>>> https://github.com/zyphlar/Open-Source-Access-Control---Web-Interface)
>>> I'd love nothing more than to get some simple, pop-in code for the OAC
>>> hardware for user account syncing, plus a simple membership management
>>> software (delinquency, etc.) If you've got energy to do it, feel free to
>>> contact me offlist.
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