[hackerspaces] Does your hackerspace help the general public learn about technology? -- let's write a paper about *Deliberating Converging Technologies*

Jodi Schneider jschneider at pobox.com
Fri Sep 16 20:02:34 CEST 2011

The focus on "plain language" and public engagement makes this call a really
interesting one for talking about the role of hackerspaces in facilitating
public engagement with technology.

The relevant, first deadline is a month away:
-         15 Oct 2011: submission of abstracts of approx. 250 words
(title, some relevant details about the topic, and a short biography of
the author or authors involved)

If you're interested in collaborating on this, please get in touch.

:) -Jodi

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From: Sue Malta <SMalta at groupwise.swin.edu.au>
Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 3:04 AM
Subject: [Air-L] CFP: iJETS Special Themed Edition *Deliberating Converging
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** High Priority **

Dear Colleagues

Please see below for the CFP for a special themed edition of iJETS
*Deliberating Converging Technologies*.  Please circulate to all
interested networks. All enquiries should be directed in the first
instance to Dr Gerd Scholl.

Kind regards

Sue Malta
Managing Editor, iJETS
smalta at swin.edu.au

Dear colleagues,

in October 2012, iJETS will be publishing a special themed edition
entitled:*Deliberating Converging Technologies*. The issue will take an
international comparative perspective on public engagement with emerging
technologies, such as nanotechnologies. It will reflect upon the
experiences made with different public engagement exercises on new
technologies in different countries and cover a wide range of initiators
of these processes, such as academia, public authorities, enterprises,
NGO’s, et cetera. It will critically assess public participation
especially on nanotechnologies from a cross national and cross cultural
perspective. Based on the outcomes of these assessments, it will sketch
possible perspectives of deliberation on converging technologies.
Contributions may deal with different participation cultures and
institutional settings of engagement, for example, one-off events versus
network-oriented processes. They may elaborate on questions such as
legitimisation and performance of deliberative dialogues, methodological
aspects of engagement, for example, the role of electronic communication
and new media, and relation to and impact upon (political)
decision-making. Furthermore contributions are invited focussing on
impacts of public engagement on innovation and technology governance and
the shaping of future technologies.

The Editors for this edition will be Gerd Scholl, Ulrich Petschow and
Jan-Peter Ferdinand of the Institute for Ecological Economy Research
(IÖW), Berlin, Germany. Gerd and Ulrich are senior researchers at IÖW
and have co-organised the German Consumer Conference on Nanotechnologies
(2006/2007). They were partners in the European NANOPLAT project
(2008/2009) – a project that, amongst others, reviewed deliberative
processes on nanotechnologies in Europe, both at the EU and national
level. Jan-Peter is a research associate at IÖW with a background in
science and technology studies.

iJETS is a multi-disciplinary journal and, as such, speaks to a wide
audience. We welcome contributions from all branches of the social and
behavioural sciences and the humanities.  We also welcome contributions
from those in the physical and life sciences with a concern for the
social dimensions of science. The different disciplines all have their
own specialised languages, making communication between disciplines all
but impossible. For this reason iJETS insists upon clear and direct
language, facilitating communication between specialists and the general

All papers will be subjected to double blind, peer-review.

The tentativeschedule for the special themed edition is as follows:

-         15 Oct 2011: submission of abstracts of approx. 250 words
(title, some relevant details about the topic, and a short biography of
the author or authors involved)
-         15 Nov 2011: invitations to submit a full paper
-         15 March 2012: submission of full papers
-         15 May 2012: reviews: revisions or rejections
-         15 Aug 2012: submission of revised papers
-         15 Oct 2012: publication of special issue

Please pass this Call for Papers on to anyone who could be interested in
submitting an abstract. Thank you very much.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Kind regards

Gerd Scholl

Dr Gerd Scholl
Head of Research Field Ecological Consumption
Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)
Potsdamer Str. 105
10785 Berlin
Tel. +49 (30) 884594-20
Fax +49 (30) 8825439
gerd.scholl at ioew.de

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