[hackerspaces] Hackerbus Tour Europe 2012 - Documenting Hackerspaces

Moritz Bartl moritz at hackerbus.eu
Fri Sep 16 16:28:33 CEST 2011

Hi everyone!

I own a nice VW van (T4) and will drive it across Europe, taking a
crictical look at the hackerspace scene. My main goal is to help improve
spaces by documenting organizational matters and ideas for fundraising
etc., but also exchange ideas on how we finally save the world.

I plan to be on the road for at least six months, hopefully longer
(depends on the funding). I am willing to "sell" the exterior of the
bus, so if you happen to know a suitable sponsor, let me know.

The route is not planned at all yet. My focus is going to be on
"emerging regions" which are typically underrepresented and very
interesting in my eyes. I am open for any suggestions about bigger
events/cons/parties in all Europe so I can plan accordingly.

Some of my ideas:

* park the bus in city/village centers, put out some tables, give away
info material about open source, free culture etc.
* interview random people about their views on hacking
* give away CDs/USB sticks with free data

* hold talks about the trip and what I've learned so far
* Data hub: I want to have at least 16TB in a mobile box (Wifi/GBit) of
free content to exchange
* Ham radio on board
* listen only to Creative Commons music and rate it during the trip
* improve OpenStreetMaps
* sticker exchange [ http://blog.hackerbus.eu/tagged/stickers ]
* ask people about their favorite books [
http://www.hackerbus.eu/literature ]
* blog, wiki, ...

The bus: http://www.hackerbus.eu/bus
Equipment list: http://www.hackerbus.eu/equipment
Blog: http://blog.hackerbus.eu/
RSS: http://blog.hackerbus.eu/rss
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hackerbus

Either someone will travel the whole trip with me - ideally someone with
experience and interest in doing a [video] documentary - or random
people can join in from time to time ('hackerspace taxi').

Moritz Bartl

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