[hackerspaces] Idea: Mini-Camps in even years

Koen Martens gmc at har2009.org
Thu Sep 1 11:41:51 CEST 2011

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On Thu, Sep 01, 2011 at 11:07:17AM +0200, h0uz3 wrote:
> After the camp is before the camp. On our way home, me and some guys from
> shackspace discussed the idea of attending the next camp-style event in the
> netherlands in 2013. We found out that we might need some preparation and
> "training" to have more fun and be more organized/chaotic (read what you
> prefer).
> Finally, we came up with the idea of having a "mini" camp in 2012. On lhc2
> last weekend someone from syn2cat mentioned a similiar idea.
> So, what about this: Hackerspaces all over the world do mini-camps during
> summer 2012. Not as huge as cccamp11 or the Hxx series, more like "50 nerds
> on a meadow", just to relax, enjoy sunlight, warm weather (for f**'s sake,
> warm weather!), some barbecue and interesting conversations and a nice way
> to welcome guests from other places. Maybe without an internet connection
> or just a few 3G uplinks.
> This could be done all summer long, so people with a camper van and a lot
> of free time could roam from one camp to the next. Or all mini camps might
> be synchronized to one week or weekend.
> Any comments, ideas, questions? You're welcome! :)

What, even more mini camps?? Man, i can't decide where to go what with the camps
that are already there in 2010:

- - haxogreen (luxembourg)
- - belgium hack camp thingy
- - UK is doing something apparently
- - would really like to go to sooncamp
- - there's a dutch, small, core volunteer 2013 bootcamp prep thingy
- - the regular german summer events
- - and more.. 


But by all means, hell yeah :)

- - gmc

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