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Traveling to other Hackerspaces = GOOD
Spending a lot of money on hotel fees = BAD

Introducing a project brought to you by the The Brain Tank, and Hackers like
you, called "HackerHostel.com".

*NOTE: This is an excellent opportunity to use your new Hackerspace

The Goal:
Negate one of the larger expenses associated with travel, namely HOTEL FEES,
in order to further promote idea cross-pollination through visitor,
ambassador, and Hacker In Residency programs for Hackerspaces.

A website that will allow users to view Hackerspaces with available sleeping
quarters and to submit visitor proposals to participating Hackerspaces for
review. Tell us about yourself and what you wish to teach during your stay
at your Hackerspace of choice.
The website will help Hackerspaces manage their proposals, discuss Best
Practices, as well as help raise money for spaces to spruce up their
sleeping quarters if necessary.
Also, each Hackerspace would have some kind of profile detailing the space
available, the kinds of classes they might be looking for, what tools
facilities would be available to the HIR.

What better way to spend a short vacation than to learn something and teach
others something new?
We can further innovation and the exchange of ideas over the course of a few
days by removing those pesky physical borders.

Whatever you consider a comfortable place to stay for a brief period of time
in your Hackerspace. Could be a hammock, place to put a sleeping bag, a
couch, or actual bunk bed. If you've got a space to crash, you've got a
Hacker Hostel. The amount of time you allow a Hacker in Residence to stay is
entirely up to you.

We've begun setting up The Brain Tank in Providence RI as a testing ground
already. We should be able to comfortably sleep 2 HIR's (Hacker in
Residence) on proper bunk beds. A volunteer will be living and innovating
24/7 at The Brain Tank helping us work out the bugs and blogging about their
experience. It's a really convenient and safe area to live in.

Things we have:
-The website domain name www.HackerHostel.com was graciously donated to us.
Thank you very much, we couldn't have done this without your generosity.
*If anyone at all wants to be part of this website build please contact me
ag3nt5 at dc401.org , we could really use the help.
-Kayak (The Brain Tank is right next to a river through the city)
-E-bike (great for short distances)
-Servers and Terminals
-Tools & Scrap Electronics (lots of em)
-Coffee maker/microwave/oven/popcornmachine
-Hidden urban garden (great for relaxing or grilling outside)
-Tshirts (being designed as we speak. shirt slogan = "Sleep. Hack. Repeat.")

Things we may need:
 -Website (A very simple booking website would be necessary to make this
work. I've never built one before and could def use a hand if anyone want's
to chip in.)
-Shower (wouldn't cost more than $150 total to buy & install at The Brain
Tank. Once we figure out the cheapest way to build a shower we'll release
the cost and build info to all)
-Kickstarter  (we can generate funding and offer cash to other Hackerspaces
to improve their sleeping quarters. This will also fund the website

What do you think should be added? Changed? etc...

Note: This project is soooo simple to put together and would have a
significant benefit to Hacker  culture. Right now all I think it really
needs is a VIDEO, a WEBSITE, and a properly formed statement/description.
We'd be helping to break down the barriers associated with the inconvenience
and expense of travel. Making it easier for great minds and talents to move
around freely teaching each other what they know. Suggestions... comments...
concerns... solutions...?

If you would like to help in any way, please contact me and we'll get the
ball rolling.

-Dave Johnson
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