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On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 11:55 AM, webmind <webmind at puscii.nl> wrote:

> On 2011-09-01 11:50, Nils Hitze wrote:
> > Templates only as a rough guideline, for those who are willing to do one
> but totally noobs
> >
> But if you have a collections of discriptions of previous events, you
> can learn from that and use it.
It's called Meeting & Event Planning For Dummies, common sense, willpower,
connections, good spirit and access to the documentation of other
happenings. Protip: just look around and visit $organizedThing to see how
things work.

Moar/other trivial books:

The nice thing about smaller camps (or lanparties/birthdays for that matter)
up until 50 persons is that this is usually done by a small circle of
friends. Other friends are the visitors and everybody brings something to
the table. This is expected through social pressure, nobody can mooch unless
they are known as moochers.

Going over this "50 person" limit gives way for consumers and also requires
some organizational skills. (sanitary, electricity, food, $whatever). From
here the books, experience and personal skills start to count. I believe
that almost everybody on this list has access to information of an
$organizedThing. And there are so many many resources. Crafting them
yourself might even be more valuable, to understand why things are the way
they are.

Anyhow, its very cool to see this list of hacker camps for next summer :)

Stitch / Elger
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