[hackerspaces] Out with the "hackers"... In with the, "makers" and the "fixers"

Mars Saxman mars at redecho.org
Wed Nov 30 03:27:15 CET 2011

> The reality is, DARPA funds research it is interested in.  If you are interested in it too, and would do it in open source anyways... then I don't see the issue with making that knowledge available to them.  If they are willing to fund your research, then yeah, you have to weigh what the consequences of that are.  That is responsible.  You obviously want to keep true to your own goals and not become a slave to someone elses.   But, if the goals line up... why not?

We don't discuss whether we should admire Von Braun for building mass murder weapons; we discuss whether, and to what degree, we can admire what Von Braun did for civilian space travel despite his role in the V-2 project.

Of course you can't prevent DARPA from ripping off your work and perverting it for some military use - not if you believe in freedom of information, anyway - but what kind of person would even consider making life easier for them? You're not starving, nobody is holding a gun to your head - have some respect for yourself.

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