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> However even if I do not try to push it back (which
> helps) and let myself relax in the middle of the nature, it kind of
> happen sooner or later. I can feel how my body and energies/centers
> within me are much closer to the harmony and how I feel better.
> I would recommend to try this first before another chemical
> substances. Also using various "eastern" arts which works with
> energies within the body may be very useful. I can highly recommend
> Reiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiki  One of the reasons is it's
> efficiency in removing blocks when energy can not flow freely. In my
> case some depressions are of this origin.
> Of course the "exercise" helps a lot too. I remember how we all went
> down in mood during the our university years within third to fourth
> week of sitting on our asses during the exam period. I've kept my eye
> on it later on and kept exercising a least a bit even during the
> really busy periods and it really helped, it was worth of it not a
> waste of time at all. 
I'm completely with you on this point. I used to be depressed quite a
lot. No heavy depressions, but frequent. That started when I moved to
another town for studying and I genuinely believe it's because I
stopped doing sports for various reasons.
After I picked up running and martial arts again I haven't had anything
that I'd call a depression. Sure, I feel down from time to time, but
exercising a kata, or run a few kilometres always does the trick.
Another great sport to put ones mind at ease is scuba diving.
The sensation of almost no gravity, water surrounding your whole body
and only hearing your regulator and the exhaled air always made me
forget about the whole world. It's just me and 1-2 close friends down
there. You should give it a try.
> PS II. By the way another thing which I did not heard yet and I
> believe has a profound effect is food. Not just the composition but
> also quality and quantity. If you have a chance to switch for high
> quality, well prepared organic food, which you would eat in a proper
> composition, you would feel the benefit on your body and mind within
> 2-3 weeks.
It's not just high quality organic food and a good composition. There
is quite a lot of food that increases serotonin production, which is
known for making us feel good.

Additionally I want to state that a bit self-discipline helps, too.
Lying in bed all day being too lazy to get up is contra productive and
just increases the "I feel like s*** today" feeling.
For the same reason I think it's important to frequently expose yourself
to sunlight - especially in the dark months of the year.
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