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Hi to All!
I've to say that I do not have depressions very often and if I do they are not very bad ones - I'm comparing my experience/feeling to what you are writing about. However if I get it, there is one thing which works 95% cases for me ==>> going to the nature and "being there" for several hours. I sit somewhere in the forest, by the sea or in the park, I walk around and sometimes my head is just "busing" with all he injustices and better responses, plans how to sort the things etc. However even if I do not try to push it back (which helps) and let myself relax in the middle of the nature, it kind of happen sooner or later. I can feel how my body and energies/centers within me are much closer to the harmony and how I feel better. I would recommend to try this first before another chemical substances. Also using various "eastern" arts which works with energies within the body may be very useful. I can highly recommend Reiki 
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiki  One of the reasons is it's efficiency in removing blocks when energy can not flow freely. In my case some depressions are of this origin.



PS If you are short on time, try to cycle to the job for example. Pick up a nice track to a cool neighborhood which may be a bit longer but it helps. I've found out during the years that sometimes my favorite part of the day is my cycle/walk to the job and back. I liked my job but it was indoor. Of course the "exercise" helps a lot too. I remember how we all went down in mood during the our university years within third to fourth week of sitting on our asses during the exam period. I've kept my eye on it later on and kept exercising a least a bit even during the really busy periods and it really helped, it was worth of it not a waste of time at all. 

PS II. By the way another thing which I did not heard yet and I believe has a profound effect is food. Not just the composition but also quality and quantity. If you have a chance to switch for high quality, well prepared organic food, which you would eat in a proper composition, you would feel the benefit on your body and mind within 2-3 weeks.

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> >Short answer: The best thing to do to support someone who reaches out 
> >is listen.
> Also, the SSRI-type antidepressants are worth a try, they work well for
> some people (although apparently not everyone).
> My problem was social anxiety rather than depression (I was also
> depressed, but I could deal with that. It was the anxiety that was
> making life difficult). It's treated with the same antidepressants (and
> as a bonus, I'm not depressed anymore either).
> The Makerspace is what keeps me sane. I don't work in IT, and for many
> years I didn't know any other nerds. Now I know a whole bunch of people
> who "get it". I never had any social anxiety around these guys.
This is one reason why hackerspaces are such wonderful communities.  :)

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