[hackerspaces] Please reach out

Kris Gesling krisgesling at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 09:34:27 CET 2011

Thanks so much for sharing your story Mitch.

It's obviously something dear to many hearts by the amount of responses
you've received personally as well as to the list. It's so good to see that
a group already exists for hackers that experience depression and mental
ill health as well.

I also wanted to emphasise what you said about really listening to people
when they come to you, but also to remind them that one in every five
people in Australia (and I'm sure America can't be too different)
experience mental health difficulties, one in four for those under 25. So
it's pretty damn common, but also very treatable. If someone has been
having ongoing trouble encourage them to seek professional help. There is
still so much stigma around seeking help when you're going through a tough
time, that you'll look weak or that people won't respect you, but true
strength is asking for help when you need it.

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