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Indeed, I find that finding other people like you in the city can be one of
the best things ever. I talked with an 11yo and his parents over the
weekend and although he could use someone to ask questions of as he learns,
I emphasized that there are other people just like him, his age even, at
the hackerspace. His parents hardly understood his desire to compile
kernels and code python, and his nerdy friends barely understood either, so
as he grows I think it'll simply be a huge thing to know that he's not the
only geek in Phoenix.

Likewise, I increasingly think it's vital to keep a positive vibe at a
space. It's easy for geeks to get into holy wars, arguments and
disagreements and that can be even more depressing ("these guys are just
like me and they still think I suck / they're still all stupid!") -- I
think cultivating an unconditionally positive vibe is one of a space
founder's primary duties.
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> > >Short answer: The best thing to do to support someone who reaches out
> > >is listen.
> >
> > Also, the SSRI-type antidepressants are worth a try, they work well for
> > some people (although apparently not everyone).
> >
> > My problem was social anxiety rather than depression (I was also
> > depressed, but I could deal with that. It was the anxiety that was
> > making life difficult). It's treated with the same antidepressants (and
> > as a bonus, I'm not depressed anymore either).
> >
> > The Makerspace is what keeps me sane. I don't work in IT, and for many
> > years I didn't know any other nerds. Now I know a whole bunch of people
> > who "get it". I never had any social anxiety around these guys.
> This is one reason why hackerspaces are such wonderful communities.  :)
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