[hackerspaces] Reminder: LayerOne 2011 coming up! (USA - Anaheim, CA)

john arclight arclight at gmail.com
Tue May 24 21:39:03 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Just a reminder that the Layer One conference is going to be this
weekend. If anyone is planning to be on the West Coast, you should
come by. Null Space Labs, 23b Shop, and Crash Space will all be in
attendance.  It would be great to hang out!

Phoenix and Vegas people: It's hot. Come down to Anaheim. We'll find
you a place to crash.
Everyone else:  It may or may not be hot. Come down, and we'll also hook you up.



Layer One Security Conference
May 28-29, 2011
Anaheim, CA (Anaheim Marriott)

From: LayerOne Staff

Hey guys,

LayerOne is about a month away and we've been putting up a lot more
information about the conference on the website (http://www.layerone.org).

For those that don't know, LayerOne is our local security/hacking conference
a few of us locals host in Anaheim, CA.

This will be the 7th annual L1 conference and there are a lot of
great new things this year. We've just finalized our speaker
selection, you can see the whole list of speakers and descriptions of
their talks at http://www.layerone.org/?page_id=85.

The conference will also feature areas dedicated to hands-on fun:
Lockpicking Village - Learn about locks, safes, lockpicking, and
safecracking. Get hands-on instruction, mini-talks, and workshops from
real G's like Schuyler Towne, Deviant Ollam (author of Practical
Lockpicking), Jon King, scorche, and datagram. More information at

Hardware Hacking Village - Learn about electronics and blinky lights.
This year's badge is a PCB that can be worked on in the HHV to turn it
into a fully functional synthesizer! The many NSL projects, such as
the Cylon and the AnnaLogic will also be available to those who want
more projects to work on. More information at

Contests - To go with the above areas, there will be a badge hacking
contest and a number of lockpicking contests sponsored by TOOOL USA
and Locksport International. Datagram & Jon King will be hosting a
Tamper Evident Contest that deals with defeating "tamper proof" and
"tamper evident" technologies; products that are designed to be
bulletproof against surreptitious entry, modification, or removal.
More contest info at http://www.layerone.org/?page_id=45.

NSL is playing a big part in L1, with most of the staff being NSL
keyholders and all of the hardware hacking equipment and volunteers
coming from NSL. We hope to see all the rest of the NSL members there,
and we'd also love to see members of the other hackerspaces in the
area attend and join in on the fun.

You can pre-register for the conference at
http://www.layerone.org/?page_id=87. Pre-registration is $100 USD, and
it will be $140 at the door. Save money and register now! Members of
LA2600 and NSL can get a 20$ pre-registration discount, see MMCA or me
for details.

Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to forward this
email to anyone you think would like to attend. We hope to see you all
at L1 2011!

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