[hackerspaces] Puzzles/Challenges

Andrew Orr andrew at andreworr.ca
Thu Mar 3 19:03:38 CET 2011

Hey everyone,

We created a series of online puzzles/challenges (notpron style) 
partially for fun and partially to promote our hackerspace in the 
making. If anyone is interested in trying them out, the first level is 
at http://skullspace.net/secret.php

<starfox> Good Luck! </starfox>

Originally we had the url encoded as a QR code on the back of little 
leaflets we distributed at a programming conference called Winipeg Code 
Camp. The QR code was hand-drawn from a generated QR code, so it looked 
like someone had drawn it on the back of the leaflets.

A couple days later we sent out some emails with the link as it turns 
out very few people actually had phones that could decode QR codes. This 
was the email message:

As you're reading this email, you hear a whisper in your ear:
"skullspace dot net slash secret dot php". Startled, you turn around, 
but no one is there. Presently you notice a wisp of orange tinted smoke. 
The smoke hangs in the air in much the same way a brick doesn't.

You frown and continue on with your day...

SkullSpace (.ca)

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