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Mel mel at hackersouverts.fr
Thu Mar 3 19:42:42 CET 2011

A quick note - don't use Chrome while playing this one - for a variety of
puzzles and gameplay reasons ;)


2011/3/3 Andrew Orr <andrew at andreworr.ca>

> Hey everyone,
> We created a series of online puzzles/challenges (notpron style) partially
> for fun and partially to promote our hackerspace in the making. If anyone is
> interested in trying them out, the first level is at
> http://skullspace.net/secret.php
> <starfox> Good Luck! </starfox>
> Originally we had the url encoded as a QR code on the back of little
> leaflets we distributed at a programming conference called Winipeg Code
> Camp. The QR code was hand-drawn from a generated QR code, so it looked like
> someone had drawn it on the back of the leaflets.
> A couple days later we sent out some emails with the link as it turns out
> very few people actually had phones that could decode QR codes. This was the
> email message:
> As you're reading this email, you hear a whisper in your ear:
> "skullspace dot net slash secret dot php". Startled, you turn around, but
> no one is there. Presently you notice a wisp of orange tinted smoke. The
> smoke hangs in the air in much the same way a brick doesn't.
> You frown and continue on with your day...
> Cheers,
> -Andrew
> SkullSpace (.ca)
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