[hackerspaces] Open letter to Anonymous (please distribute)

Jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Sun Jun 5 14:56:47 CEST 2011

sure, you can go ahead and say i'm doing nothing concrete, i really
don't need to be cheered up here about what i achieve.

yet as a personal exercise, and since i love playing chess, i just
think about the consequences of everything i'm doing all the time and
on a long term. not to fear what i'm doing, but to assess a strategy
that leads to victory.

if you call that politics well go ahead, i have no problem with
that. yet i call that intelligence, but i also believe that
*everything* has a political meaning, so really no prob, light me up
and see what comes out. but for sure i'm not going to join YAML for

here we should be discussing the issues that touch many people
accessing hackerspaces today, and what i'm mentioning are news we get
all excited about, and a snowball is rolling.

regarding the method i really don't see where in that open letter is
the patronizing bit people is revolting about, since it reports an
historical account, drawing an analogy and inviting to consider it.
i'm just saying: here, that's history, and i do it in solidarity with
most instances of the current struggle, i guess is clear enough.

i never said what Anonymous *should* do, far from that, i might be
crazy but i'm not a fool; but now i think some people here is just
romantically looking forward to a crackdown, especially those that
will get contracted: they have wet dreams about the movie-like
situation when they get offered a job by the feds or rot in jail.  i
see a few other reasons, mostly related to pubescence, why to shoot
the first messenger that raises the issue openly, to avoid any
possible discussion about it.


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