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James Arlen myrcurial at thinkhaus.org
Sun Jun 5 00:16:12 CEST 2011

I <3 you. A little too much.


Your Mom.

As well,

America, fuck yeah.

With peaceful affection,

 On 2011-06-04 6:09 PM, "Matt Joyce" <matt at nycresistor.com> wrote:
> Dear crazy person,
> Asking the internet at large or in this case a stand alone complex to
> adhere to your own personal form of morality is both ineffectual in method
> and ill conceived in purpose. Fuck your desire for a better name for
> hackers. People are what they are and we should all just learn to accept
> that. Hackers are people. Just like people they can be as horrible as the
> smell that emanates from bad chinese food and as wonderful as two girls at
> the same time. Suggesting that people should try to artificially promote a
> false outward view is to promote deception. And deception is the road to
> ruin. I personally abhor your request and will today go out and do
> something horrible to someone in the name of hackers everywhere just to
> stand upon my point with full and honest conviction.
> Hackers are all we can be. Don't expect more. Don't expect less. And
> don't expect us.
> Additionally,
> Your mom.
> Love and Peace,
> Matt
> On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Jaromil <jaromil at dyne.org> wrote:
>> please distribute to anyone interested
>> in reply to
>> http://www.nato-pa.int/default.asp?SHORTCUT=2443
>> and to
>> LulzSec versus FBI (we challenge you, NATO!)
>> http://pastebin.com/MQG0a130
>> re all
>> We all know that cyberspace has come to an intense moment of
>> confrontation; it will become more and more difficult to focus on the
>> very reasons of the conflict opening, as the fog of war is
>> rising. This Open letter is an effort to focus on what is happening.
>> Hackers: behind all our actions there is a pulsating will to make
>> justice and to protect our freedoms. Fighting injustice has long moved
>> the hearts and souls of many people in history.
>> Meanwhile, the state of asymmetric cyber warfare in 2011 is
>> paradoxical: national defense departments against kids in their
>> bedrooms, an exaggeration depicting well the deep necessity of reform
>> faced by all forms of organized intelligence that existed before the
>> proliferation of digital networks; namely the most populous one, the
>> Internet, now 18 years old.
>> As usual, the reasons why members of an organization like NATO are
>> moved to fight are related to territorial control and predominance;
>> likewise, the reasons moving the legions of Anonymous are in their
>> deepest sense, and behind the lulz, a political stance supported by
>> natives and, as such, have a huge constituent potential.
>> The reasons that invigorate today the courage of the Legions of
>> Anonymous are also very similar to the political reasons that made the
>> Legion of Underground declare war to Iraq and China in 1999:
>> the reiterated threats to the freedom of the population;
>> the state's efforts to censor, monitor and manipulate the natural flow
>> of information;
>> the lies that monopolies, corporations and governments use to hide
>> failures in the eyes of their citizens and clients;
>> the resistance of nations to move out of obsolete forms of governance
>> engulfed by media-dictatorships;
>> the oppression against investigative journalists, hackers and such
>> liminal figures operating on the edges of semiospheres;
>> to name just a few.
>> Since this scenario is not new, please consider the war that might be
>> profiling ahead by reading further the statement below.
>> Solid.
>> COW,
>> Date: 7.1.1999
>> An international coalition of hackers strongly condemns the Legion of
>> the Underground's (LoU) recent "declaration of war" against the
>> governments of Iraq and the People's Republic of China. Citing human
>> rights violations and other repressive measures the LoU declared their
>> intention to disrupt and disable Internet infrastructures in Iraq and
>> China. In a decision that was more rash than wise, the LoU will do
>> little to alter existing conditions and much to endanger the rights of
>> hackers around the world.
>> We - the undersigned - strongly oppose any attempt to use the power of
>> hacking to threaten or destroy the information infrastructure of a
>> country, for any reason. Declaring "war" against a country is the most
>> irresponsible thing a hacker group could do. This has nothing to do
>> with hacktivism or hacker ethics and is nothing a hacker could be
>> proud of.
>> Frank Rieger of the CCC said, "Many hacker groups don't have a problem
>> with Web hacks that raise public awareness about human rights
>> violations. But we are very sensitive to people damaging networks and
>> critical systems in repressive regimes or anywhere else. The police
>> and intelligence communities regard hacking as seditious. It is quite
>> possible now that hackers - not only in totalitarian states - could be
>> jailed or executed as 'cyberterrorists' for the slightest infraction
>> of the law."
>> "It is shortsighted and potentially counterproductive," added Reid
>> Fleming of the cDc. "One cannot legitimately hope to improve a
>> nation's free access to information by working to disable its data
>> networks."
>> "Though we may agree with LoU that the atrocities in China and Iraq
>> have got to stop, we do not agree with the methods they are
>> advocating," said Space Rogue of the L0pht.
>> Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600 said: "This kind of threat, even if made
>> idly, can only serve to further alienate hackers from mainstream
>> society and help to spread the misperceptions we're constantly
>> battling. And what happens when someone in another country decides
>> that the United States needs to be punished for its human rights
>> record? This is one door that will be very hard to close if we allow
>> it to be opened."
>> Governments worldwide are seeking to establish cyberspace as a new
>> battleground for their artificial conflicts. The LoU has inadvertently
>> legitimized this alarmist propoganda. With its dramatic announcement
>> the LoU played into the hands of policy makers who want complete
>> control over the Internet and are looking for reasons to seize it. If
>> hackers solicit recognition as paramilitary factions then hacking in
>> general will be seen as an act of war. Ergo, hackers will be viewed as
>> legitimate targets of warring states.
>> Strategic combat planning in the United States and among other nations
>> has reached the point where real-world cases are needed to justify
>> assigned budgets. The LoU is providing this real-world case now. We
>> believe that the LoU should carefully investigate the idea of
>> declaring "war" against China and Iraq. Was it planted with them by
>> someone with different interests in mind other than advancing human
>> rights considerations?
>> The signatories to this statement are asking hackers to reject all
>> actions that seek to damage the information infrastructure of any
>> country. DO NOT support any acts of "Cyberwar." Keep the networks of
>> communication alive. They are the nervous system for human progress.
>> --
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