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On 10 juil. 2011, at 23:58, Georges Kesseler wrote:

> Hi
> Being in a village suburb of town, there are not a massive amount of
> take outs around and some deliveries don't reach outside town. Still we
> have a good supply from local restaurants. Also fast food is often seen
> in the space.
> As healthy food like fruit perished faster than it could be eaten, in
> came the cookies and candy bars.
> This has been a huge success. About 10 different sorts are presented in
> a drawer. We plan to store them in a fridge (the wine cellar kind) if
> someone would donate it to us :-)
> https://www.hackerspace.lu/wiki/Hardware_Wish-List
> We had first a small fridge for drinks and food, which then became a big
> fridge with a freezer and now it's 2 fridges. One big one for drinks and
> the other one for food and frozen stuff.
> Latest addition was ice cream. This was even a bigger success than the
> initial candy bars. If you want to earn money: ice cream! And Mate of
> course.
> The whole system resides on a self operated cashier, and for
> convenience, a chalk board where you mark how much you consume.
> The fridge can also be used by members via stickers to paste on the
> items they store inside https://www.hackerspace.lu/wiki/Fridge
> Georges
> http://syn2cat.lu/

What I might add to Georges' post is that occasionaly, people do som cooking @ the space and share it with all...that's some nice snacking too ;-)
An example : http://hackerspace.lu/wiki/Sushi

Cheers from Luxembourg!

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