[hackerspaces] snack habbits + CCC food&beverages + growing mushrooms too

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 11 12:47:42 CEST 2011

And they make sushi also here if you want to learn how to make it cool   :-)) 
Isn't it mArc Teusch or  aka mAcfreAk which ever way you prefer ...


By the way I'm now doing more experimental cooking because of the preparations 
for the camp so I'll try to put together recipes, photos and post it on the blog 
so you can fallow. I do a lots of brewing and it goes really nicely so I've to 
say that I can not wait for CCC! I'm planning to bring few kilos of life 
cultures, bit of illegal but hey! for how many years have we been walking on  
the wild side right?  :-)).  By the way next event when we share our 
experimental stuff will be on Wednesday in Galway, we have a meet up so anyone 
who is around is welcome




And something very interesting Tastebridge&Biobridge at Noisebridge are starting 
to grow mushrooms and my friend is doing the same here in Ireland. So I wonder 
if anyone would like to give some workshop on it at CCC camp at Food Hacking 
Base. Preferably the legal ones but I'll take your word that what you are 
sharing with others is by the book (maybe Alice in wonderland right :-)) ...



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On 10 juil. 2011, at 23:58, Georges Kesseler wrote:

> Hi
> Being in a village suburb of town, there are not a massive amount of
> take outs around and some deliveries don't reach outside town. Still we
> have a good supply from local restaurants. Also fast food is often seen
> in the space.
> As healthy food like fruit perished faster than it could be eaten, in
> came the cookies and candy bars.
> This has been a huge success. About 10 different sorts are presented in
> a drawer. We plan to store them in a fridge (the wine cellar kind) if
> someone would donate it to us :-)
> https://www.hackerspace.lu/wiki/Hardware_Wish-List
> We had first a small fridge for drinks and food, which then became a big
> fridge with a freezer and now it's 2 fridges. One big one for drinks and
> the other one for food and frozen stuff.
> Latest addition was ice cream. This was even a bigger success than the
> initial candy bars. If you want to earn money: ice cream! And Mate of
> course.
> The whole system resides on a self operated cashier, and for
> convenience, a chalk board where you mark how much you consume.
> The fridge can also be used by members via stickers to paste on the
> items they store inside https://www.hackerspace.lu/wiki/Fridge
> Georges
> http://syn2cat.lu/

What I might add to Georges' post is that occasionaly, people do som cooking @ 
the space and share it with all...that's some nice snacking too ;-)
An example : http://hackerspace.lu/wiki/Sushi

Cheers from Luxembourg!

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