[hackerspaces] Interest in a hackerflat in Berlin?

Mel mel at hackersouverts.fr
Fri Jan 7 17:51:05 CET 2011

Hey Riot,

After my wife and I moved into our new appartment (and after the obligatory
renovation), we started concentrating on how we could use our meager hacker
skills to make the place more suitable to our needs. So far we have :

QR-code storage boxes in our
- if we are looking for something, we can either interrogate a spreadsheet
we have shared with each other on Google Docs that'll tell us which box to
look for, or we can flash a box's code to see what's in it - and update the
content straight from our phones. Next step - upgrading the system to
auto-update through RFID tags and readers built into the closet shelves.

Items with RFID tags (done) - So that physical objects can actually interact
with our computers and digital work. Headphones start music on our
computers/in the living room, cell phones start synchronization
programs/unlock computers, coffee mug tells you how much coffee you've been
drinking today<http://www.instructables.com/id/TouchatagPythonSamurize-coffee-counter-Touchat/>
the limit is your imagination !

I've recently started looking around for cool arduino projects to delve into
domotics some - Instructables and various DIY websites are a great resource
for such projects and once again, it's only a matter of imagination. Hope
this helps !

Hackers Ouverts - Hackerspace nomade en Île de France
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