[hackerspaces] Interest in a hackerflat in Berlin?

Sébastien Spike spike at wolfplex.home.kg
Tue Jan 11 22:43:56 CET 2011

So the concept would be to have an appartment tailored for hackers and
arrange there a Wohngemeinschaft?

On 1/7/11, Mel <mel at hackersouverts.fr> wrote:
> Hey Riot,
> After my wife and I moved into our new appartment (and after the obligatory
> renovation), we started concentrating on how we could use our meager hacker
> skills to make the place more suitable to our needs. So far we have :
> QR-code storage boxes in our
> closet<http://www.instructables.com/id/QR-code-augmented-storage/>
> (done)
> - if we are looking for something, we can either interrogate a spreadsheet
> we have shared with each other on Google Docs that'll tell us which box to
> look for, or we can flash a box's code to see what's in it - and update the
> content straight from our phones. Next step - upgrading the system to
> auto-update through RFID tags and readers built into the closet shelves.
> Items with RFID tags (done) - So that physical objects can actually interact
> with our computers and digital work. Headphones start music on our
> computers/in the living room, cell phones start synchronization
> programs/unlock computers, coffee mug tells you how much coffee you've been
> drinking
> today<http://www.instructables.com/id/TouchatagPythonSamurize-coffee-counter-Touchat/>
> -
> the limit is your imagination !
> I've recently started looking around for cool arduino projects to delve into
> domotics some - Instructables and various DIY websites are a great resource
> for such projects and once again, it's only a matter of imagination. Hope
> this helps !
> --
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Spike @ Wolfplex hackerspace

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