[hackerspaces] lunar calendar recommendations?

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 25 15:31:45 CET 2011

Hi to all,
I want to switch to lunar based calendar which means that I want a calendar which is based on full moon to novus (new moon) cycle therefore not just overploting our Gregorian calendar with moon phases but going predominantly on different lunar month based style, which means around 13 months per Gregorian year. I'm trying to find something what would be kind of used by more people so there is a support from community, some ideas? 

The major deal for me is to get tuned with the moon cycle so I'm more in harmony with nature.

Thanks for any links and info.


Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck

biotechnologist&kvasir and hacker


"There is no way to peace, peace is the way." Ghandi
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