[hackerspaces] Snap - A system snapshotter for Fedora/Ubuntu/Windows/etc (shameless self promotion)

Felicitus felicitus at felicitus.org
Fri Dec 2 07:33:08 CET 2011

> Snap [1] is a cross-platform system snapshot and restoration utility
> which uses the underlying package management system to take snapshots of
> packages installed as well as files modified outside of the package
> management system.

Sounds pretty cool! However, can it also be used in a non-cloudish way?
Due to my high amount of computers, I find myself re-installing stuff a
few times a year. I basically need the same set of software on each
computer - when I'm trying out new distributions, it would be stupid to
create install scripts prior installation. So I'm looking for a way to
define a basic set of applications which will then be installed on each
reinstall. Your tool sounds as if it could do something like that.

Thanks for any information,

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