[hackerspaces] Announcing first sponsor for Hackerbus Tour: Yubico

Moritz Bartl moritz at hackerbus.eu
Thu Dec 1 20:36:57 CET 2011



Yubico will provide a limited amount of custom made Hackerbus Yubikeys
to give away during the trip. The Yubikey is a small and robust USB
token for securing logins.

It registers as a HID device, so it does not need any extra drivers and
works on Windows/Mac/Linux. The button can either be pressed short or
long, and can be programmed to emit a stored passphrase or One-Time Pads
in combination with an authorization server that is easy to set up.
There is a growing number of software libraries (PHP, Python, Java, C)
and platforms that support Yubikey. At a cheap price, it is a nice
alternative to more complex solutions like the or OpenPGP Smartcards.

I will present the key in a small workshop at the 28c3. Stay tuned.

That being said, we're still looking for a larger sponsor to fund the
movie production around modern cooperative working and living during the
year-long European Hackerspace Tour next year. I am willing to sell my
soul, err, sell the exterior of the bus for advertisement (no
weapons/fur/closed source).

Moritz Bartl

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