[hackerspaces] Call for help: Mematool needs some translations

Charel Büchler charel at hackerspace.lu
Sat Aug 27 12:00:03 CEST 2011

OhHai around the globe,

I'm azunix, I'm from syn2cat, currently we're developing "MeMatool"
Membership Management tool, and we're looking for some help for our

Until now, we could complete english, french and german (and of course
luxembourgish (as we're from luxembourg ;-))). We're looking forward add
additional languages to our tool. to be concrete here is a list of the
languages we'd like to add for now.
 - ES (spanish)
 - PT (portugese)
 - SE (swedish)
 - PL (polish)
 - DK (denmark)

If you're fluent in one of the languages and you'd like to help, do not
hesitate to get involved.

You can send me a direct e-mail if you want to get involved or have any
further questions.

Charel Büchler
W: http://www.hackerspace.lu
E: charel at hackerspace.lu
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