[hackerspaces] Call for help: Mematool needs some translations

Rick Voormolen rick at voormolen.org
Sun Aug 28 22:19:57 CEST 2011

Hi Charel,

2011/8/27 Charel Büchler <charel at hackerspace.lu>:
> OhHai around the globe,
> I'm azunix, I'm from syn2cat, currently we're developing "MeMatool"
> Membership Management tool, and we're looking for some help for our
> translations.
I'm blokje, Revspace, The Hague. Is there an Demo available?

> Until now, we could complete english, french and german (and of course
> luxembourgish (as we're from luxembourg ;-))). We're looking forward add
> additional languages to our tool. to be concrete here is a list of the
> languages we'd like to add for now.
>  - ES (spanish)
>  - PT (portugese)
>  - SE (swedish)
>  - PL (polish)
>  - DK (denmark)
I can translate it to Dutch if you like.

> If you're fluent in one of the languages and you'd like to help, do not
> hesitate to get involved.
Mother language.

> You can send me a direct e-mail if you want to get involved or have any
> further questions.
> Cheers
> --
Rick Voormolen
W: https://revspace.nl/
E: rick at revspace.nl

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