[hackerspaces] Does a space need water?

Ben Brown ben at kwartzlab.ca
Fri Mar 19 02:57:29 CET 2010

We've found that having a bathroom and water in the space is a godsend. 
The building we're in has shared washrooms (in various states of 
disrepair) but we use a fair amount of water (cleaning, coffee, 
drinking, etc). We don't have an in-line water heater but the 
kettle/microwave works well enough for our purposes.

When it comes down to it, cleaning a bathroom really only takes 10 
minutes a week to do so as long as it's not the same people getting 
stuck doing it (we have a weekly cleaning roster that cycles through all 
the members), the usability of in-space plumbing far outweighs the work 
required to clean it.


On 3/16/2010 6:10 PM, Sara Gould wrote:
> Hi all,
> Looking for our first space I have about 5 to choose from so far.
> There's so much variety just in what I looked, all empty, the market
> favors new tenants right now.
> One thing I don't think I've seen in the design docs is whether having
> water IN your space versus across the hall in a shared bathroom is
> worth paying more for.  More flexibility, yes, but we'd also have to
> clean the bathroom if it's in the space versus shared.  I could see
> the other tenants being upset if someone messes up the bathroom and
> leaves it that way but that could happen with any business.
> Any thoughts?  Have you wished for a utility sink often?
> Thanks,
> Sara
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